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Why Use An Independent Broker

Why Use An Independent Broker

As if Medicare isn’t already a horribly confusing process (most folks would much rather have a root canal performed), add to that the reams of advertising you get and it could be a recipe for disaster. It can certainly make a person feel like a mouse in a maze.

What A Broker Does

By allowing a licensed independent broker to help sort through that daunting pile of mail, thoroughly explain ALL of the options available to you, and actually answer the phone every time you call with a question – you can be the envy of your friends when you proudly say, “Medicare? Oh that was a snap!”

Why a Broker?

Aside from the ease of the process & eliminating pressure, another wonderful thing a good broker does for you is find out which plans fit your budget, get you the best coverage possible, make sure you medications are covered and most importantly the ‘salesy’ aspect disappears.

The pressure to buy something is gone because they are not incentivized to enroll you in any specific plan, they are paid by the insurance companies, but there is really no benefit to push any particular plan. You see, an Independent Broker knows the ins & outs of EVERY plan in your neighborhood. So instead of meeting with several different representatives from different insurance companies, a broker brings all of the info to you.

We undergo extensive training each year to ensure that we are aware of changes to Medicare as well as the various plan offerings. A truly good broker will educate you on exactly how Medicare works, so that you will fully understand which coverage option is best for you.

This is also a very valuable benefit to you as they can review your coverage every year to ensure that you have the best coverage for you. What if you move? You start a new medication? Your doctor retires? You need a referral for an Specialist? You can call your broker from the exam room and ask what your co-pay will be for that MRI they want to give you today – without a 10 minute hold or annoying music!

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By Cassandra Powers

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