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Part B

Medicare Part B

California Medicare Part B

Part B

Medicare Part B is the part that deals with physician’s services. Other necessary procedures like labs, diagnostic tests like MRI’s, and medications that are administered in a doctor’s office are also covered.

What’s not covered

Anything that’s medically necessary is covered. Anything preventative with vision, dental, or hearing is not covered. Original Medicare Part B does not cover anything outside the US. Instead, a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan would provide those benefits.


Most people will pay $104.90 monthly. What you pay depends on how much you made last year. You will need to pay an “Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount” or IRMAA If you made more than $85k on your own or $170k jointly. To verify your status you can always go to or call 800-772-1213. Click the link for the 2015 amounts.

Medicare Part B Irmaa amounts for 2015 fromMedicare Irmaa

When you can enroll

3 Months before you turn 65 you will be eligible to enroll in Part B and have it go into effect on the first day of your birth month. Enrollment Part B should be automatic if you are receiving Social Security. You may want to contact Social Security to sign up as this does not always happen automatically. If you’re on group or employer coverage you may or may not need to get Part B. It’s important to find out so you don’t get stuck with a Late Enrollment penalty.

Your share of the costs

The Part B deductible of $147 needs to be paid before cost sharing and copays apply. After that you will be responsible for 20% of everything and Medicare will cover 80%.

The three ways to cover your share:

1. Pay for everything out of pocket.

2. Purchase a California Medicare Supplement Plan. Click Here for an explanation.

3. Join a California Medicare Advantage Plan. Click Here for an explanation.

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