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Medigap Supplements

Medigap Supplements

Medicare Supplements

If you decide to stay on Original Medicare you will need to purchase a Medigap supplement. Medicare Supplements cover the 20%+ that Medicare doesn’t pay for. Medicare Supplements are also referred to as “Medigap”. There are 10 different plans offered by private insurance companies. Even though the plans are identical, each insurer can charge whatever they want.

Which providers take Medigap Supplements?

As long as a doctor accepts Medicare then you can see them, anywhere in the US.


Medigap supplements include coverage in a foreign country and a full 365 extra days of hospital care. Extra days in skilled nursing facilities are not covered by these Supplements. Preventative care like vision or hearing, routine dental, hearing aids, and eyeglasses are not covered.

What does it Cost?

If a Medigap Supplement plan offers more benefits, the more it’s going to cost. Currently Plan F offers the most coverage. Here’s an overview. If a procedure or service is covered under Original Medicare then depending on the supplement, the remaining 20%+ will be covered.

  Copays  Most Medigap Supplements have no copays.

  Deductible  Part A & B deductibles are covered by some supplements.

  Coinsurance  You may need to pay a portion of the charges with some supplements, others cover everything.


California Medicare Supplements

Times you can join

You can get a Medicare Supplement when you qualify for Medicare and have Parts A & B. At this time you are considered “guaranteed issue” and have the right to buy a supplement regardless of health. If you qualify for Medicare because of a disability you are also considered “guaranteed issue”. Supplements for those under 65 years old are much more expensive.

Can I always get a Medicare Supplement?

After your “guaranteed issue” window expires you will need to go through medical underwriting and an insurer can decide to let you purchase a Supplement or not.

What does “guaranteed renewable” mean?

As long as monthly payments are made on time your Medigap Supplement will renew every year automatically.

Things to consider

Will you have other health insurance? How often will you be outside the United States? Which doctors do you need to see? How has your health changed over the last year? Where does health care fit into your budget? We’re here to help, Give us a call 1-888-806-3299.

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