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The Cost of Medicare in California

What Does Medicare in California cost?

This has really been a hot topic with all the changes proposed for Medicare in California. There’s just not one exact answer because what it will cost depends on how you choose to receive your benefits. it’s kind of like buying a new car, you’ve got options.

Medicare in californiaThings that affect cost

There are several things that will determine what you will need to pay. What is your current health like? What’s your budget for health care? Do you want the ability to see any doctor in the nation that accepts Medicare? Do you want to stay on Original Medicare and purchase a Supplement and a Medicare Part D, or would a California Medicare Advantage plan be a good fit?

Here’s a quick video on the cost of Medicare

Where to Start

Since there are many different way to receive Medicare in California it’s important to understand the four main parts, they are Part A, B, C and D. Once you know what they are and how they work together you’ll be able to figure out how much it will cost.

The Basics

Part A is free if you’ve worked for at least 10 years. There are deductibles and copays that are different from under non-Medicare insurance. Part B has a monthly premium($104.90) that most folks will pay unless you made more than $85k last year. Click Here for more info.

Two Main Options

You can either 1) stay on Original Medicare and buy a supplement and a separate Part D(left side) or 2) assign your Medicare to an Advantage plan(right side). Here’s what the 2 options look like:

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Medicare Assignment

A doctor can decide if he will accept Medicare assignment or not. If he does, then whenever he treats someone he accepts the 80% Medicare pays and then the deductible and 20% from either the patient’s Medicare supplement or the patient directly. If he does not, then Medicare pays 80%, the patient or their supplement pays the 20% plus the deductible, and then the patient is responsible for any additional charges. Make sure you know if your doctors accept Medicare assignment.

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