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Medicare Plans and Free Gym Memberships

Why do Medicare plans provide free gym memberships to Seniors?

Medicare Gym

Health Benefits

The biggest reason that Medicare plans offer free gym membership to seniors is that they really do care and want seniors to be as healthy as possible.  Being physically fit has health benefits and mental benefits that help seniors to reach a greater level of overall health and cost the health plans a lot less money in the long run.

Prevention of Injury

As we age and our bones become more brittle, we are more susceptible to sustaining injury.  This is why seniors often become seriously injured when they fall down.  Providing free gym membership to seniors ensures that seniors keep their muscles strong, which helps to support the bones and prevent falls.  This is just one of the benefits of regularly going to the gym. And it’s much easier when it’s free!

Prevention of Disease

There are many maladies, including heart conditions and things that can go wrong with the circulatory system (such as pulmonary embolisms) that are more common among seniors that are not active.  By providing free gym membership, Medicare plans offer a way to prevent a great number of these particular diseases from becoming a problem. 

Obesity Prevention/Treatment

By providing a free gym membership as part of their plan, Medicare effectively prevents and treats obesity.  Obesity is one of the biggest and most concerning health issues in the United States among all ages, and seniors are no exception.  In fact, obesity in seniors causes other health conditions such as diabetes.  It also creates problems for existing conditions such as bad knees or a bad back.  As you carry around extra weight all day, obesity also makes you less energetic.  Unfortunately obesity also cuts years off ones lifespan and greatly reduces the quality of  life in the meantime.

Social Benefits

As we ease into our retirement years, many of us are surprised at how isolated our lives can become.  It’s very easy to spend too much time at home and not enough time around other people.  This can have a lot of bad effects, chief among them being an increase in depression.  By offering free gym memberships to seniors on the Medicare plan, seniors are given a free and easy way to get out and be around people doing something healthy.  

It all comes down to a bottom line in the end!  By offering free gym membership to seniors, they are actually cutting down on their own costs as they won’t have to pay for a many doctors’ visits from injuries and disease. 

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