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California Medicare

Cassandra Power’s helps folks that are turning 65 in California everyday. She makes something that can be very complicated much easier to understand. She can also be found on and Twitter. We are extremely happy to have her knowledge and insight on this blog.

CLICK HERE to listen to several interviews with Cassandra as she answers the most common questions regarding turning 65 and understanding Medicare.

Medicare Plans and Free Gym Memberships

Why do Medicare plans provide free gym memberships to Seniors? Health Benefits The biggest reason that Medicare plans offer free gym membership to seniors is that they really do care and want seniors to be as healthy as possible.  Being physically fit has health benefits and mental […]

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The Medicare “Under Observation” Trap

Don’t get caught in the “Under Observation” trap! I have received many calls and emails regarding the Under Observation designation that some folks have been getting caught in. Here is the video that has brought the subject to light:   Here is the LINK to the Medicare […]

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Medicare IPA’s, HMO PCP’s and Contracted Hospitals

Understanding IPA’s, HMO PCP’s,  and Contracted Hospitals We have been receiving a lot of questions about Independent Practice Associations-IPA’s, HMO physicians and how they work together with contracted hospitals and facilities. This blog post will answer several inquiries from our readers. Independent Practice Associations – IPA’s Independent […]

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Why Use An Independent Broker

Why Use An Independent Broker As if Medicare isn’t already a horribly confusing process (most folks would much rather have a root canal performed), add to that the reams of advertising you get and it could be a recipe for disaster. It can certainly make a person […]

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